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NewBreed Business Specialists

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Business Performance and Strategy

Optimise, Transform and Turnaround. Yes, it’s all possible with us on your team. 

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Recruitment, People and Culture

Enjoy the best from your people with strategy-led solutions, just right for you…

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What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

We describe ourselves as the new and different alternative to the traditional business consulting, advisory or recruitment firm. The truly unique experience that we promise clients is a combination of our real life, in-depth experience and expertise, together with our practical, hands-on and refreshing approach. The solutions we design for, and with you, are founded on sensible practice and strategy, and not theoretical models. Furthermore, we don’t just recommend solutions: we often lead their delivery, implementation and embedding as part of your team.

We add value by bringing fresh eyes and applying a creative, practical and strategy-driven approach in each business environment and context. Forget heavy theory and fluff – we identify practical, sensible solutions that enable optimal performance at the individual to business level.  Our clients come from various industries and range size but they have a common desire for a different approach.

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From there, we’ll develop a proposal for you to review. We’ll outline our understanding of your needs, options for meeting those needs, an estimate of the timeline and fees, and any other factors we think you’ll need to know about. Once you’re comfortable with the proposed approach we’ll agree the start date.We’ll work closely with you as we develop and deliver the outcomes and only step back when you’re ready for us to. We’re here for you anytime, when and how you need us.

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