Truly Unique Solutions: People, Business and Office Space

What is NewBreedCo.?

New = A fresh approach

Breed = Best of breed solutions and people               

Co. = Collaboration

The core of our business is working with businesses and people to solve problems and meet challenges, no matter how little or big they are. We add value by bringing fresh eyes and applying a creative, practical and strategy-driven approach in each business environment and context. Forget heavy theory and fluff – we identify practical, sensible solutions that enable optimal performance at the individual to business level.  Our clients come from various industries and range size but they have a common desire for a different approach.

Our Professional Services and Expertise: Imagine A Truly Unique Experience

We describe ourselves as the new and different alternative to the traditional business consulting, advisory or recruitment firm. The truly unique experience that we promise clients is a combination of our real life, in-depth experience and expertise, together with our practical, hands-on and refreshing approach. The solutions we design for, and with you, are founded on sensible practice and strategy, and not theoretical models. Furthermore, we don’t just recommend solutions: we often lead their delivery, implementation and embedding as part of your team.

Our NewBreedCo. Executive Centre: Join Brisbane’s Home of Collaboration

We run the NewBreedCo. Executive Centre, bordering Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley. When establishing the Centre, we believed that for smaller and growing businesses it just makes sense to share facilities and infrastructure and keep it simple with one monthly fee rather than all of the extras here and there for printers, cleaning, internet and all the rest.

We currently have available a range of desks (1 person) and offices (1-40 people) for rent for like-minded individuals and business. We have found that when you bring together the right people, passion and expertise it is possible to create magic and define a new way of doing business.

It’s not co-working, it’s collaboration. Its Us, NewBreedCo.  

Offices and Desks For Rent 


Offices and Desks for Rent

Desk and Office Space for Like-Minded People and Businesses Who Value Collaboration, Fun and Quality

We’re For Grown Ups Who Want Something Different From All the Co-Working Spaces Popping Up.  The Executive Centre is A Classy Yet Down-To-Earth Professional Place.

Business Performance 

Business Performance

Optimise, Transform, Turnaround.....From little to big challenges, we'll find the right solutions

Optimise, Transform, Turnaround…..We Can Help You, Whether Your Challenges are Little or Big (Or You’re Not Sure What They Are) 

It doesn’t matter if its a case of something not being quite right in your business, you’re ready to run towards disruption but don’t know where to start, or you want help embracing transformation – we can help.

All About People 

HR and Recruitment

Strategy-led people solutions that are right for your business

Our HR expertise will deliver strategy-led people solutions that are right for your business. Our recruitment promise is that we’ll get it right from beginning to end, just like we’re hiring for our own business.

After long corporate internal HR careers, we have  insights the ordinary external recruiter or consultant doesn’t!

Education – Organisation and People Solutions 


The complete people, leadership and change management solution - just for school councils, education professionals and school communities

The complete people, leadership and change management solution – just for school councils, education professionals and school communities.

School communities are one of the most complex and demanding yet caring professional environments. To have an impact on students that is inspiring and lifelong, everyone on the team needs to be at their best.

We’re holistc and work across the whole business, but we’re not jacks of all trades. We’re experts where we need to be and have experts at hand where we need to bring them in. You’ll be in the best hands.
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