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Strategy-Driven HR Solutions

Despite the best technology, systems and processes, an organisation can only ever be as good as its people. It is the combined effort of each individual that has the power to make anything possible – or not.

It can seem like working with people is never easy. Well, we would agree that its certainly not black and white. But we firmly believe that when you genuinely value your people and you HR expertise around you to translate it into the the right HR framework and culture, so many things that can otherwise seem difficult start to gather their own momentum.

Businesses who have their HR foundation right know things do go wrong sometimes – that’s life. But when they do, they know they have all of the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their way through the noise and respond effectively.

Instead of HR being about compliance, policies and fear of issues we focus on all of the ways you can get it right as a business. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying the benefit of getting the best from your people than being motivated by fear and worry about breaches and employee action?

We understand every business has its own journey towards the ideal HR state.

We have developed our suite of HR services to meet the needs we have commonly observed across our clients and our in-house roles. If you have a need or idea that sits outside of our current solutions, we’d love to talk to you about it. One of the great things about being a boutique business is that we are not limited to our core products. In fact, we love the opportunity to be creative in meeting your needs.

We understand each business has its own journey and getting to the ‘ideal state’ with people doesn’t happen overnight. It can be even more challenging when a business just isn’t large enough to justify a full time HR resource. Another common situation is the HR team is so caught up with day-to-day issues or recruiting there isn’t enough time left to focus on the strategic issues. We fill those gaps to make sure you’re always headed in the right direction towards that ideal state with your people.

We will meet you where your business is at right now and walk with you to the ideal state at a pace that aligns with your business strategy. The important thing is, we’re with you all the way – as little or as much as you want. 

Our Services


Outsourcing all of your day-to-day HR needs to us with ‘HR as a Service’.

Implementation of HR FundamenTOOLS including:

  • Templates (employment contracts, position descriptions, annual performance plan)
  • Employee communications and process/workflow efficiency
  • Employment Policies and Procedures Manual

On Call Advisory (phone and email):

  • IR and award interpretation advice
  • Day-to-day issues coaching
  • Redundancy and outplacement support
  • HR programs advice

   Investment:  Monthly Access Fee

Issue Management

We advise on, investigate and manage issues promptly, properly and discretely.

Services may include:

  • Investigation and management of stakeholder complaints and disputes (such as sexual harassment, theft, discrimination, bullying, unfair dismissal, unsatisfactory conduct)
  • Individual and team conflict mediation and resolution, and team building workshops
  • Advice and advocacy on complex, high-risk and/or sensitive issues
  • Independent review of internal investigations and outcomes
  • Fair Work representation
  • Executive and Board level investigations and issue management

Investment: Hourly Rate

Strategic HR Solutions

We design and help implement your HR strategy to align with your business strategy.

Strategy and programs may include:

  • HR strategy planning and development
  • Change management and transformation
  • Culture, engagement and branding strategy
  • Organisation structure review and change
  • Onboarding programs
  • Succession and workforce planning programs
  • Leadership Programs (Executive, Line Manager and Emerging Leaders)
  • Capability framework and organisation development programs

    Investment: Quote and Fixed Price

Your HR Manager

One of our HR Managers or Executives work regularly on site as part of your team. 

HR Manager or Executive HR Manager on a part time or full time basis. Deliverables will typically include HR leadership, program development and delivery, and reporting.

Services may include:

  • Team effectiveness programs and workshop facilitation
  • Position descriptions
  • Fundamentals Leadership Training
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Goal-setting and KPIs
  • Performance review processes
  • Remuneration review processes

   Investment: Daily or Monthly Rate

As We See It: Lifecycle and Roles of HR 

The HR Lifecycle in a Business 

Great people, culture, team and performance don’t just happen. We have developed the HR Map to help define the starting point with clients and the appropriate level of HR maturity they should aspire to, relative to their business maturity and strategy. In the HR Map we identify a number of milestones in the HR journey as we see them*. Whilst the journey is generally progressive (progressing to the next milestone),  it is certainly possible for a business to straddle across two layers, with aspects of each evident.

*We acknowledge that the Bersin & Associates HR Maturity Model, 2011 was used as a reference point in the development of this framework.

The Role of HR in the Business

Remember when HR was called ‘personnel’? Times have changed, thank goodness. 

The people landscape has continued to become more complex. When there’s a genuine focus on HR and the approach is aligned with the business strategy it quickly becomes a great source of value. When its a tick and flick function or the lone enforcer of rule, then its just a cost.  In this way, we firmly believe the role of a HR Executive or Manager is to drive value in the organisation as a true leader, and not simply to manage or administer the people function. The contemporary HR leader must be a creator of value through strategic and commercial know how, equally effective across operational and strategic matters,  genuinely relationship-focused across the business (and not just the Executive leaders)  and above all, an indispensable part of the executive function because of their whole of business perspective.

Whether it is at the Executive or business partner level, we will provide you with the HR expert for your business. This can be for a fixed term, or on an ongoing part time basis and scaling with your business. If your HR need becomes full-time, we can source your permanent or longer-term requirement through our search and selection capability within our specialist Recruitment Services. This means  we can apply the in-depth understanding of your business that we’ve already acquired and apply it to the process of finding the perfect longer term HR resource for you. We also manage the handover and transition to ensure it is a smooth, orderly and efficient process. Realising the full value of HR in your business couldn’t be easier. 

Why Choose Us?

Our real-life experience means the solutions we deliver are right for you.

Through our real-life experiences in executive and senior HR roles, NewBreedPeople solutions have developed a HR framework that can be used to understand and discuss with you what your current state looks like and where you think you need to get to. We’ll provide you with insights, challenge you and agree with you the key requirements. We’ll then get to work, hand in hand with you, to design solutions that are founded on best practice and a strategic approach but importantly, are simple and right-sized. We’ll then either drive the implementation for you, provide you with a HR expert with a style that’s right for your business, or coach your team throughout the journey.

Our approach means it is all about you, at all stages of your journey.

Sometimes organisations come to the realisation that they require ‘proper’ HR skills a little too late.  Let’s face it – the cost of a full time resource can seem unaffordable or difficult to justify for smaller organisations. This is why NewBreedPeople have developed a range of options that enable you to access HR expertise at the level and on a scale that matches the level of maturity of your business. When we meet you, we’ll know what questions to ask and how to get you to where you need with greatest impact.

We’ll show you what’s possible beyond compliance and rules –  realise all the benefits of getting the best out of your people. 

Whilst we’re happy to start with compliance, we run so much deeper than that. We’re passionate about the possibilities that are revealed once your business has got the people part right. Our passion should never be confused with ‘fluff’ – its the real, everyday stuff done consistently right combined with a clear strategy that enables people to evolve and align themselves with the business.

Change your results through your people – it is possible.

Give us a call.

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