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Business Turnaround

“All too often, a business realises that it is in distress too far down the slippery slope.”

A business may appear to be unaffected for a short period, but inertia cannot last forever. Whilst there are many reasons that a business can become distressed it is generally not as simple as ‘bad management’. Instead, often the business is working under a set of beliefs that are no longer reflective of the market. Sometimes it is the case that management underestimated the seriousness of their situation, used the wrong data, believed they could get past a ‘tough patch’ if they kept pushing through, they or were swept up by short termism to the detriment of the long-term viability of the company. Often it is a combination of factors rather than just the one.

In this context, our turnaround program follows a holistic review process to identify all the signs of distress and the key levers in your business and market. We systematically examine and evaluate how your business is performing in these areas and where change is needed. Based on this analysis, we develop a recovery strategy supported and an implementation plan.

We can play a hands-on role throughout the entire implementation. In many cases, we commence working intensively and then gradually step back to a business coaching model as momentum builds internally. Sometimes we find that a business leader or staff may need to exit the business as part of the recovery. When this is the case we can manage this process, including outplacement services. Through our specialist recruitment service, New Breed Recruitment, we effectively and seamlessly manage the recruitment and onboarding of new business leaders to your company.

Turnaround Services?

No hocus pocus, just real life pragmatic solutions

Our promise is that our solutions will be never be based on ‘hocus pocus’ or generalised text book models. We will provide you with clear advice and practical solutions that incorporate innovative thinking and good practice, and have been designed specifically for your business.

You’re not just in good hands, but the best hands

We have some of the best commercial expertise available in our multi-disciplinary team; all of whom have had successful commercial career and held real senior leadership positions.

We simply love what we do

We love helping businesses to challenge their paradigms and current practices, and reset their possibilities thinking. Armed with a fresh mindset, real-life execution strategies and insights for success, our client are able to achieve new levels of effectiveness and results. We bring the same level of spirit and heart to your business that we bring to our own.

A full executive team at your finger tips

New Breed Business Solutions gives you access to a full executive team, with seasoned experts who have commercial experience and leadership expertise that would simply be unaffordable full time for many small to medium businesses. Our Executive team can be engaged as a complete function or you can access specialist areas to supplement elements your own existing Executive team.

All of our services are scalable, flexible and able to be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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