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About Us

“We are a small team with a big dream, relentless passion and a strong focus on building a business that is different. We want to create a truly unique experience for clients that is based on both our solutions (what we deliver) and our approach (how we go about it).”

Our Business

At our core, what we deliver is consulting and specialist services that enable our clients to optimise their business. We do this by helping them to maximise performance, profitability and people, and be transaction-ready at all times. Our strategy-led solutions are delivered through a number of complementary expert  divisions. Each is run by an Executive level industry expert and offers capability that ranges  from ideation through to strategy, execution and review. Within this, we can deliver outsourced management of core business functions (such as HR, recruitment, business strategy, finance, technology and marketing), and Executive experts on demand.

What differentiates us is how we deliver and the fact that we are a new breed of company. Working in the ‘NewBreed Way’ is about a fresh and real approach. It’s about the questions we ask to the way we work with our client on their business: we roll our sleeves up and treat the business with the same level of care, passion and commitment as if it were our own.

It is our deep and multidisciplinary expertise, together with the ‘NewBreed’ way of operating that creates truly unique solutions and experiences……Sound refreshing?

Our Story

Whilst we have different experience and skillsets, we came together based on a shared dream and strong aligment in what we value. In creating NewBreedCo. we decided to build a company and a workplace that we love being part of every day, that we feel immensely proud of because of how we help and make life better for our clients, and where we don’t accept poor behaviour. The key principles that drive how we run the company, work together and make decisions reflect this:

  • We want to help as many people and businesses as we can to imagine and realise what’s possible.
  • There’s no politics. Ever!
  • New ideas and opportunities are explored with the spirit and curiosity of a child. We ask what’s possible and focus on ‘how’ we can make it happen, not if or why.
  • Ordinary has no place. It’s all about getting the best out of ourselves and bringing that to our client.
  • Contribution is measured by the level of care we have and amazing results, not hours worked.
  • Our thinking and the way we approach challenges and opportunities is creative and without normal boundaries.
  • No one is playing for themselves; just the team and everyone is on the field.
  • We will give, give, give with a generous spirit to our community, to those we collaborate with and our clients.
  • We will NEVER compromise on any of the above.

The ‘NewBreed’ Way

Our Fundamental Philosophy

We have an intrinsic belief that possibilities are endless when you dare to ‘imagine if’. We always start with this proposition and then remain open-minded, curious and lateral in our perspective. This often means that identification of the right solutions for clients goes well beyond what they expected.

Strengths Bias

We’re a dynamic team that knows the importance of having fun and everyone being on the field. As a team, we know we play best together and we’ve learnt how to play to our individual strengths. As owners, we’re hands on wearing our leader and expert hats at all times; pushing each other to grow ourselves, our business and our client base.

Just imagine working with a company where you only ever get their best – sounds too good to be true (but don’t worry, its not).

Beyond Transactions

We’re in it for the long haul with our clients, partners and people, so the relationship and providing great experiences will always be more important to us than any single transaction. Yes, business is business and earning a living is important. But as we see it, doing the right thing, valuing the right things and doing business with the right type of people will usually lead to the right outcomes that are good for our clients and good for us.

We focus on providing solutions that are ‘right’ for our clients. Achieving this relies on us knowing and understanding each client’s business, as if it were our own. We therefore believe it is essential every person in our business gets to know every one of our clients; understanding their needs, their wants and their challenges. Together with our passion, this will enable us to maintain a client experience that is anything but ordinary, no matter who or where the touchpoint is. Extraordinary, everyday – that’s our expectation.

Always Extraordinary

Meet the Team

Sean Ryan

Director NewBreedCo. and NewBreedPeople

Sean is a truly innovative executive with unparalleled enthusiasm for delivering no-nonsense, practical business strategies. He is the epitome of diverse capability; being equally comfortable working with C level executives as rolling up his sleeves and delivering on his strategies. Sean is regarded as a “creative disruptor”, a reputation built on his successful stints in the media including a decade as General Manager of Nova 106.9.

Before co-founding NewBreedCo. Sean rounded out his executive experience in key leadership roles with Newscorp, Go2Health and Stradbroke Capital. He also plays an active role in guiding peak bodies such as the Valley Chamber of Commerce, QLD Future Institute, previously Premiers Business Council and is a longstanding member of AICD. Sean’s authenticity and ability to stimulate improvement, innovation and efficiencies regarding people and process make him an asset to any business.

“It is his imagination and flair that makes him one of the most impressive people I’ve ever worked with.”

Chaya Hynes

Director NewBreedCo. and NewBreedPeople

Chaya is a business leader with a broad and commercial skillset built on a strong foundation of Human Resources Management and Organisational Development. Her stellar reputation was forged managing HR within the private education sector and a range of industries including aviation, technology, finance and professional services.

Chaya has led HR start-ups, and directly influenced the evolution of HR and business strategy in medium-sized, growing organisations. Her leadership development abilities have seen her collaborating with CEOs, being the trusted advisor to executive teams and coaching emerging leaders; which has consistently improved organisational capability and performance. She is highly regarded for her innate ability to help businesses achieve peak performance by creating effective people strategy, and developing credibility and relationships.

“A true “people person”, Chaya is a genuinely caring, yet pragmatic individual with a clever wit. A human resources professional who really is human!”


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